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We completely remove the cartridges or grids to remove all debris. This also includes reassembly and lubrication of o-rings. We recommend filters cleaning a minimum of every 6 months (Spring & Fall). Due to normal wear and tear, if filter cartridges or grids need replacement we also provide those.
Crystal Clear Pools Services

• Skim pool surface, vacuum pool, brush pool walls.
• Empty skimmers and pump baskets.
• Check and inspect pool equipment.
• Check and adjust water chemistry.
• Backwash filter
Algae Removal:
Depending on the algae and organic debris, we take two approaches to Algae removal. In some cases if the algae growth is not extreme we can treat with algaecides and a filter cleaning. In extreme cases, the pool may require draining and a chlorine bath and acid wash are the perfect solutions.
Solar Panels:

High quality pool solar panels. When compared to heating your pool with other methods, solar heating can pay for itself in under 3 years.  
Equipment Installs & Repairs
Filter Cleanings:
Weekly Pool Maintenance: 
Pools today rely upon many types of equipment to function properly: cleaners, filters, pumps, and sometimes heaters or special lighting. Even the finest equipment will age and malfunction eventually. Crystal Clear Pools can repair or replace your pool equipment.

Our technicians are trained and experienced when it comes to inspecting, repairing and installing filters, pool automation, pumps and many other types of pool equipment.
 If we can extend the life of your existing equipment, we will. If this is not possible, we will gladly provide recommendations and installations for new equipment.

If your pump or any other pool cleaning equipment is not functioning properly, schedule your repair as soon as possible, as your pool can quickly fill with algae and debris.
                                      HAYWARD, JANDY, PENTAIR
Warranty / Service Center:
We are a PLATINUM Warranty Center for Hayward Pool Products, We also do warranty service for Jandy/Polaris & SGS Salt Systems, Raypak

We also install and repair: Pentair, Solar panels, ComPool